Information about Branches and Partners:

For over 20 years, “Desyatka-story” has successfully engaged in meeting the needs of residents of Belarusian cities, as well as companies and organizations, for high-quality building materials, with providing the required services and comfort when purchasing. Today, the company is one of the market leaders in selling building materials.

The holding has many developed distribution channels both in the B2B and in the B2C segment, regional offices in the regions of the Republic of Belarus, its own retail network TM “Practic”, comfortable and spacious warehouses; number of customers and partners growing with each consequent year, new ambitious initiatives.

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Tiles and plumbing equipment showroom “TerraCotta”

Our company has been a major importer of tiles and plumbing equipment for almost fifteen years. However, our first large retail showroom TerraCotta opened only in 2015. First of all, we tried to create the right atmosphere in our showroom. And we have quite deliberately chosen to represent not the most expensive segment in the showroom – the basiс range consists of Spanish tiles, which are very interesting, but not as expensive as Italian tiles. This has allowed our showroom to offer many wonderful and original collections to our customers, at the same time remaining in a reasonable price range. Selling tiles and plumbing equipment is a troublesome business. But we hope that it is also offers beauty. In all cases related to arranging the residential space, there is a positive beginning, and in this particular case the positive points are multiplied by the talent of the designers drawing the collections, by the centuries-old production standards, by the warmth of Mediterranean clay. Beauty is essential in our lives. Beauty makes our life joyful!

Building Market “Warehouse on the Minsk Ring Road”

The building market “Warehouse on the Minsk Ring Road” was opened in May 2009, and it is a unique store in its format, the target audience of which is mostly professional builders. A wide range of building materials, laminate, wallpaper, high-quality paints, manual and power tools, products for plumbing assemblage and of other products is presented in the building market. In addition to the widely recognizable range, the store displays a number of brands for professional builders, which are not presented in other hypermarkets of the DIY format. Following the market trends, the e-store was launched in 2015 based on the warehouse and the “Warehouse on the Minsk Ring Road.” The e-store contains the entire range of products with current prices, which is very convenient for contemporary buyers.

Building Market “Practic” in Polotsk

The building market “Practic” in Polotsk is a continuation of the comprehensive program on meeting the needs of residents of Belarusian cities for high-quality building materials in a wide range, at the same time providing the required services and comfort when purchasing. The store opened in October 2009. During this short time, the building market has gained a high reputation among both ordinary consumers, and among professionals in the field of construction and repair. Thanks to balanced prices, attractive product range, professionalism and amiability of the staff, the building market “Practic” has become popular not only with the residents of Polotsk and Novopolotsk, but also with the residents of nearby districts and towns.

Building Market “Practic” in Gomel

The building market “Practic” has operated in the field for more than 7 years. During this time, it has become one of the largest specialized stores. Thanks to an extensive renovation in 2013, the store has undergone major changes. The trade area has increased almost three-fold. This enabled to effectively improve the approach to the retail sales of building materials. The product range is presented for the customer as widely and conveniently as possible. New modern store equipment lets customers make a choice easily and with pleasure.


Building Market “Practic” in Bobruisk

The building market “Practic” in Bobruisk is a new modern building hypermarket of the DIY format. The newest European equipment and an effective approach to merchandising allowed to significantly improve the standards of servicing the byers of building materials and household goods. The store has an area of over 4000 m2, and the range includes about 30,000 items. The building market in Bobruisk has won the sympathy of the residents by offering a wide product range and an extremely warm attitude to buyers. Today, whole families come to the building market, and not just to purchase goods, but also to obtain coziness and comfort for their homes.

Building Market “Practic” in Borisov

The building market “Practic” in Borisov is located on the territory of the multipurpose market and it is the largest specialized store in the region. In November 2014, the building market reopened after a global reconstruction. As a result, the trade area was increased, and currently the area is 4,100 m2. The product range has also significantly expanded. Thanks to the new modern equipment, the display of goods has qualitatively improved. Now, shopping has become much more comfortable and convenient. In general, the store policy is aimed at permanent and high-quality expansion and renewal of the product range.

ARDECO Company

The company was established in the late 1990-s. The main area of activity was defined at the very beginning of its establishment – meeting the demand for furniture and related services complying with European quality standards. An ambitious task was set: ARDECO furniture would become a Belarusian alternative to the best European furniture. When selecting components and materials, only the most high-quality and environmentally friendly ones were initially preferred. ARDECO means kitchens, bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, furniture for bathrooms. The innovative design of our furniture is developed by high-class designers. The company is developing dynamically. Effective management is the main criterion for the organization of the factory activity. All efforts, knowledge and experience are aimed at making the ARDECO brand synonymous with high quality, professional service and innovative design.

“U-Plast” LLC

“U-Plast” is the largest Belarusian manufacturer of high-quality PVC finishing materials with a powerful production and personnel potential. The current product range of “U-Plast” includes interior PVC wall panels, various types of facade siding – naval beams, block house, stone house, border lights for boarding the eaves, accessories for siding, PVC window sills, corners for tiles, skirting boards for baths, mock profiles. “U-Plast” products are well known to consumers and professionals on the construction market, not only in Belarus, but also in Russia and in the whole territory of the Customs Union. Products get only positive reviews and the highest ratings everywhere. The “U-Plast” brand is recognizable, it has enhanced its leadership, and is confidently holding its market share and developing new export routes.


“Pan-Invest” Company

Pan-Invest is the leader of the Belarusian furniture materials market. The company has operated on the market of furniture accessories since 1998, having proved itself as a professional and reliable supplier of materials and accessories for manufacturing cabinet furniture. Constantly expanding and updating the product range, the Pan-Invest company provides its customers with only high-quality products from leading European manufacturers. Through researching the needs of furniture manufacturers and taking into account current trends in the furniture industry, the company is constantly offering its customers new developments that allow them to maintain leadership on the market.

“Akval” Company

The “Akval” company was established in 2002. The company manufactures furniture for bathrooms. The company is actively increasing the production and sales volumes and working to expand the product range: it offers buyers bathroom furniture for washbasins with the width of 45 to 105 cm, with increments of 5 cm. Each size range includes up to 5 models. In 2013, the company website was launched. Thanks to the site, customers can monitor the renewal of the product range using the online showcase.