Wallpaper collections in the “Desyatka-stroy” wholesale catalog contain non-woven, vinyl and paper wall coverings with most incredible textures. They include complex embossed drawings, fascinating abstract prints, realistic photo sceneries with an area of several square meters, and even imitation pearls – a truly precious decoration for the walls. Specialists in the field of interior design and connoisseurs of high style and quality in the interior decoration and visualization will definitely be interested in diverse wallpaper collections of such famous brands as GranDeco, UGEPA, Lanita, Palitra, SINTRA.

In order for you to be able to assess the scale of the beauty and European style, which we were able to supply to the Belarusian market during several years, let us present the following figures: the total area of wallpapers sold over the last 5 years amounts to 7,000,000 square meters, which is comparable to the following world-renowned objects.