Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is an interior solution, which has a number of indisputable advantages. Probably for this reason we are witnessing today a strong increase in sales of this material. Indeed, easy installation, maintenance and care, variety of sizes, shapes and textures, practicality and reliability make suspended ceilings an optimal solution for those who want it to be beautiful, inexpensive and simple. After all, a beautiful ceiling creates a feeling of integrity and completeness of the interior. A beautiful suspended ceiling can be a real highlight in the overall design idea. The “Desyatka-stroy” wholesale catalog contains suspended ceilings of such brands as AMF, ALBES, which are able to cope with the most daring design decisions of your clients and customers. And we all remember that a satisfied customer is a grateful customer. Grateful both in words and in deeds!

Our sales figures for the last 5 years prove the huge popularity of suspended ceilings: the total area of suspended ceilings sold during this period is 4,000,000 square meters. It does inspire trust, doesn’t it?