PVC Skirting

Nowadays, the floor skirting made of plastic (PVC) is extremely popular. This is determined by an optimal ratio between price, quality and ease of installation and maintenance of this type of skirting. Plastic, from which the skirting is made, thanks to modern technologies is extremely durable, does not rot, does not corrode, and is resistant to moisture. It can withstand mechanical loads, but at the same time, it retains its elasticity, which is important for installation and subsequent dismantling. The “Desyatka-stroy” wholesale catalog contains a huge variety of PVC skirting. As a primary supplier, our company guarantees the best price/quality ratio for our partners. Focusing on long-term partnerships brings additional benefits in the process of cooperation. By the way, the total length of PVC skirting sold by us over the last 5 years is 5,000 linear kilometers, which can be compared with the following objects and values.

Brands: Stankrep.