Plumbing Equipment

Beautiful and functional – these are the expectations regarding plumbing equipment, which more often become the two main criteria for selecting the equipment (other than the price). Attractiveness and reliability are the qualities, which are nowadays inseparable. It is a modern sign of good courtesy. Being strict followers of this trend, for many years we have been promoting the idea that the plumbing equipment must be made from quality materials using reliable components, which will extend its useful life; it must have a recognizable and wide range of colors in order to perfectly fit the interior of any bathroom; it must have a unique, but quite favorable design. The “Desyatka-stroy” wholesale catalog offers such plumbing equipment in a wide product range and various price range. As a primary supplier, we guarantee the best prices for our partners, among other things. And for those who favor the laconic strictness of numbers more than epithets, we specifically prepared the following information: the total amount of plumbing equipment sold by us over the last 5 years is 100,000 pieces. Perhaps it is appropriate to compare it to the following values.

Brands: Cersanit, KOLO, Keramag, TEKA, MOFEM, GALASSIA.