Gypsum Plasterboard Systems

It is possible to say that gypsum plasterboard is a construction material that was created by the artists for the artists. It is difficult to imagine something that couldn’t be constructed with the help of this building material. Plasterboard is a very “rewarding” material for the construction of light walls, partitions, wall lining, suspended ceiling structures. We particularly appreciate its environmental friendliness. The package systems of gypsum plasterboard are not flammable, contain no toxic elements and exhibit acidity similar to that of the human skin. It is clear that it is a very important material quality in conditions where every breath of fresh air is worth its weight in gold.

The wholesale product range of our company includes ceiling, wall, arch, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, water-resistant with high resistance to open flame, and combined gypsum plasterboard. In Belarus, we represent the following brands producing gypsum plasterboard: Belgypsum, Volma, KNAUF, Gyproc.

In order to prove the extent to which we are fond of this material, let us present some statistics: e.g., the total area of gypsum plasterboard systems sold in 5 years amounts to 11,000,000 square meters. This can be compared with the following objects.