Dry Building Mixes

High-quality building mixes are certainly the basis of durable construction and repairs. “Desyatka-stroy” offers these kinds of dry mixes. Responsible approach to selecting suppliers is our guarantee. The company wholesale catalog contains an abundant selection of paste fillers, plaster, glue mixes (glue), levelling instruments, leveling concrete, waterproofing mixtures, facade heat insulation mixtures, primer paints, grout, masonry and restoration mixtures, etc. The products are represented in different price ranges, but they all are equally durable. For many years, we have successfully cooperated with such brands as Caparol, Alpina, Typhoon, Atlas, ilmax, Acryl Putz, Ceresit, Bostik, KNAUF, Pufas, Sopro, Volma, Sniezka, Diamant, Veber Vetonit, and others. The amount of dry mixes sold in 5 years is 200,000 tons, which can be compared with the following well-known objects.