Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are rightly one of the most popular natural finishing materials. And this is no accident. Tiles are a real material. Truly natural. It is natural technology, as ancient as building itself, which, in fact, hasn’t changed much throughout centuries. Today, the market presents a great variety of manufacturers, but we represent only the best ones. The trusted partners of our company include the leading European and Belarusian factories producing ceramic tiles.

In order for you to be convinced that we are extremely fond of working with ceramic tiles, let us present the following figures: the total area of tiles sold in 5 years is 2,000,000 square meters. We decided to compare this considerable value with the following objects.

Brands: Alcalagres, Azulejo Espanol, Cerpa, Dual Gres, Ibero Ceramica, Equipe, Mainzu, Mercury, Midas, Monopole, OPOCZNО, Polcolorit, Tubądzin, Venus Ceramica.