Offer for Job SeekersOur Strong Points

Favorable opportunities for career development

The “Desyatka-stroy” company creates favorable opportunities for your professional development: the holding has many developed distribution channels both in the B2B and in the B2C segment, regional offices in the regions of the Republic of Belarus, its own retail network TM “Practic”, comfortable and spacious warehouses; number of customers and partners growing with each consequent year, new ambitious initiatives. We are aimed at confident and dynamic progress. This creates favorable opportunities for career and professional development within the experienced professional team of our company.

What is our strength? Our team!

We are aimed at teamwork. We cultivate the value of coordinated efforts and joint achievements. We aim at supporting the atmosphere of mutual support. We love spending time together at sports tournaments and corporate events. Perhaps that is why over many years we have enjoyed and infinitely appreciated the high level of loyalty and commitment to the company on the part of employees, which is manifested in low rates of staff turnover. About 85% of employees have worked in the company for more than 5 years. Constructive initiatives and talent are indeed recognized and encouraged within the company.

“Desyatka-story” – a constantly learning enterprise

We don’t stay in one place, we’re constantly developing new approaches to conducting business and carefully studying the successful domestic and foreign practices. We are not afraid of experimenting. We often arrange round tables where we share experience. Employees constantly learn on their own and attend seminars of suppliers and partners.

Professional and attentive management

The company management, along with its efficiency, can be rightly called loyal and attentive in relation to the employees. This is evidenced in its openness to discussion and implementation of new promising initiatives aimed at improving the work performance of separate teams and branches, as well as of the entire holding.

Fair reward for accomplishments

The company provides all employees with a worthy reward in gratitude for their accomplishments in the work. In particular, sales managers are offered lucrative financial compensation from both the fixed and variable part, where by working effectively the manager can have a positive effect on the variable part of the motivational package.

Providing comfort for the employees in the workplace

The company cares about creating comfortable and safe conditions for the employees in order to achieve excellent work results: comfortable modern offices are fully equipped, next to which you will be able to park your car. This approach is common to all companies constituting the holding, in each city where our branch is opened.

Successful implementation of ambitious goals

For over 20 years, “Desyatka-story” has successfully engaged in meeting the needs of residents of Belarusian cities, as well as companies and organizations, for high-quality building materials, with providing the required services and comfort when purchasing. Today, the company is one of the market leaders in selling building materials.

Serious market players trust us

The “Desyatka-story” company is a trusted partner of a number of world-renowned building material manufacturers. Over the years, we have become respected partners and suppliers of building materials to major construction sites of the country. All major construction projects in the country have used the supplies of “Desyatka” in recent years.

Compliance with strict quality standards

For many years, we have followed the undisputed rule: “Desyatka” works only with high-quality modern building materials, which are safe and environmentally friendly. We provide professional product lines and building materials, which can be widely used in everyday life.

Awards for professionalism and success

We have received dozens of unique awards in various categories at professional exhibitions, as well as a number of exclusive certificates from partners in gratitude for the fruitful cooperation and in general as a confirmation of our professionalism, stability, success.

Our own regional retail network

The building markets “Practic” are a rapidly growing network of building stores, which showcase more than 40,000 items for construction, repair and improvement of apartments, cottages, gardens – from popular Belarusian brands to the leading European brands. In 2009, we introduced a unique project to the market – “Warehouse on the Minsk Ring Road”, which is a one-of-a-kind store in Minsk created specifically for professional builders.

Optimism and commitment to beauty

Our company stands out with its relentless pursuit to have efficient business processes, loyal customers and business partners, employees satisfied with their job. It is important for us to do everything not only for having excellent marks, but also for the sake of beauty. We are fond of bringing joy. We give a positive impulse to each project implemented by our company. Here in “Desyatka” we really love our work!